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  • Brenda Byrnes

    This is an example for when the tax you are charged does NOT equal the tax you claim back;


    A client in NZ needed to create another tax rate in Xero called "No GST (Supp 15%)" and set the tax rate as 0% 
    Then in Invitbox >Admin tab> Tax Rates;edit>  click the "Import from Xero" green button, and import your new tax rate. 

    Then choose tick this new tax rate as the 'default taxed', save.

    Then select edit and tick 'supplier rate differs' and put 15% in the suppliers rate box at the bottom (picture of this is above under heading 'The tax you are charged DOES NOT equal the tax you claim back.' then click OK

    Then they are able to apply maps to their invoices and not have to edit each one's line amount to include the charge of gst.

    The normal view for invoices will show that its charging gst 15% but when it exports it will assign an additional amount to each line.

    If a certain supplier needs claimable gst you can change that supplier's tax default to gst 15%.


  • Brenda Byrnes

    Tip for when your Excel file with tax rates that you're uploading has the tax rate written as 10%;

    If your tax rate contains a % symbol (for eg as 10%) then invitbox wont allow it to upload and will tell you its not "in the specified file format". So you will need to remove the % symbols. To do this open the Excel file and highlight the tax rate column> right click> select 'Format Cells'>Then on the first tab 'Number' you need to select 'Number' for the Category>then change the Decimal Places to 0> then click OK to save.  This will then allow you to write 10% as just '10'. Once this change has been made the Excel file should upload with no problems.

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