Exporting from invitbox to Saasu




  • Alycia Edgar

    Where do you map in invitebox so a description occurs in the Summary field in a Saasu purchase?

  • Roger Gregg

    Hi Alycia

    Do you want to email me at roger.gregg@invitco.com with your details and I'll get back to you?

  • Nigel Fuss

    Saasu allows for a copy of the invoice pdf to be attached to the invoice record, can this be transferred automatically with the invoice details?

  • Roger Gregg

    Hi Nigel, thanks for the update on the functionality.  I'll chat this over with tech and let you know when we can action it as part of the development cycle.

  • Roger Gregg

    Hi Nigel, unfortunately the Saasu API does not allow us to send in a bill with the data.

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