Is there an Invitbox app for iPad? [customer question]




  • Chris Gregg

    Hey Nat,


    Right now we do not have an App.  This will be coming in H2 2014.  We have not had much feedback from clients using the Ipad so hence it has not been top of our agenda but we will get there.  The ipad should be sufficient for approving bills - it is a little clunky admittedly.  Working towards improving the IPad user experience if you could bear with us for a little bit.  thanks

  • ft

    His is there an iPhone app yet?

  • Glenda Elliott

    would like ipad app please

  • Brenda Byrnes

    As you would have seen in Chris's earlier reply, we had expected to have already released an iPad & iPhone App, but due to numerous other developments in the pipeline we do not yet have a set scope for the project and no date as to when this will be completed. We are always doing continuous development to the system to ensure that we give you the best possible experience in using invitbox, so rest assured that this is one of the things we are taking seriously and we will update you as soon as we have news for you.

  • Daimon Poole

    Hi Guys, not sure why you don't have an app already but it would be EXTREMELY valuable to me if Invitbox did get one up and going. It would make the whole process 1000% more streamlined and easier to manage from a business point of view. Ive spoke to a lot of invitbox users in my business and all would be extremely welcoming in seeing an app engineered for us to use. Thank you.

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