Can we scan invoices to map? or do they need to be in original PDF format?




  • Chris Gregg

    Hi Lucy,


    At the moment you are unable to map scanned docs.  Our technology relies on electronic forma to extract the data hence why it is 100% accurate and immediate.  However we do hope to have a solution for scanned images in place in the very near future, We will keep you posted.  Would you like one of our team to call through and discuss further?  thanks

  • Marc Nieuwenhuys

    Pointless if you can't scan invoices??  Is this feature available yet??

  • Marcha Van

    Hi Marc, 

    Invitbox is built with technology that reads metadata, which is only available in true PDF's. This technology works exceptionally well because of the level of detail it can extract from invoices. 

    Rest assured we are working hard on a solution for scanned invoices and we plan to have it ready for use soon. Feel free to give us a call if you'd like to discuss in more detail.


    Kind Regards


    02 9007 0560

  • Admin Agcor

    You can use the 'Manual Entry' tab to type in details.  

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