Deleting an Invoice with a Note [customer question]



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  • Brenda Byrnes

     Because Invitbox is ATO compliant, once an invoice has been exported and has gone to the filing cabinet, it cannot be deleted.    If you are wanting to delete it because its been voided in your accountancy software, then we recommend that you write a note to state what the issue is, for eg, Voided in Xero.

    If you're wanting to delete it because it's incorrect, you can send that invoice back through the system again. To do this you need to email yourself a copy of the invoice and then email it back into your invitbox account (this is done via the "MORE' button> 'Email to me'). You do however need to be aware that it will show as a duplicate within invitbox (have the red duplicate icon on it). Once you've sent the other copy in, as well as when you void something in your accountancy software, you need to write a note stating what's been done and why, otherwise it could become confusing down the track (you need to put a note on both the new invoice as well as the invoice in the filing cabinet).

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