Generic Template map for popular accounting systems invoices that can be copied and tailored to suppliers as needed




  • Roger Gregg

    Hi Alex, could you elaborate on this?  

    Are you saying that you would like to use one map to extract data from multiple supplier bills?

    Just to clarify, invitbox is able to extract data from any pdf generated by Pastel or Quickbooks.  If the supplier doesn't use these software suites, but uses Microsoft Word or Excel for example, they can use these templates here


  • Alex Astengo

    Hi Roger, I raised a feature request #238 and have been liasing with Candice on this. I understand that invitbox can extract the data but the scenario we have experienced is as follows:

    Supplier A uses Pastel, and sends an invoice using the default Pastel layout. We create a map to that supplier and then invitbox will use the map. Supplier B uses Pastel, and also sends an invoice using the default Pastel invoice layout. It would be great to use the template we setup for A to map to B and then 'save as' supplier B map.

    Ideally a 'generic' Pastel/Quickbooks/Sage map could be used as a starting point for mapping.



  • Colleen Stromei

    Hi Roger, another advantage of the copy template function is where a supplier has an existing map but it needs a minor tweak or two for our use.  



  • Brenda Byrnes

    It's been quite some time since this was discussed but for anyone reading this lately I would like to confirm that it definitely is possible to make a generic map for a particular layout and we have done this for customers that have for eg a template that they use for office expenses. The only reason why we dont do this for normal ongoing suppliers is that for it to work on multiple suppliers we dont map the ABN or the supplier name, so this means it will never automap through to the InTray and you would have to manually search and apply the map to an invoice every time.

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