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  • Brenda Byrnes

    Hi Chanelle,

     I'm sorry this request of yours was not seen till now. Seems that after the Zen upgrade certain email setups were lost.

    In regards to your menu request, I said the same thing when I started using it, and I was told, which I now believe to be true, that the tabs were setup this way as the Unknowns tab position (on the right side ) is nearer the middle of the computer screen, which is on purpose as this is where peoples eyes are automatically looking /directed to. This is important as the unknowns tab needs to be monitored constantly as invoices 1st arrive there if they dont automap to the InTray, therefore maps need to be applied regularly, so its important users regularly look at it. If it was positioned to the left of the InTray it would be positioned to the far left of the screen, which would be too far out of sight.

    I also believe that the flow design of the Intray> Approved>Signed Off> Filing Cabinet layout is this way and not with the disputed tab between any of them, because this is the actual true workflow, and the disputed tab is not naturally within this workflow,therefore it was positioned after them.

    I hope this answers your questions Chanelle, and once again sorry for the delayed reply.

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