Can I file supplier Statements & reconcile it?




  • Mark Ashley-Hacker

    Can you automatically file statements on our behalf or do we have to do it manually?

  • Melina Beresford

    Does a User that has access to the unknows tab (for manual coding) have access to this feature?

    We have a user currently who is getting an error message, and in her setting she has access to everything except executive signoff.

  • Roger Gregg

    Hi Mark, its a manual process for the moment.  We don't want to file anything before someone has looked at it.

  • Roger Gregg

    Hi Melina, we'll be addressing that "hole" early next week.  Around the 23rd or 24th Sept 2013

  • Brenda Byrnes

    Hi Jodie,

    An invoice is associated with a statement because of the supplier name, the invoice date and the statement date range that was entered. If you dont want it included with the statement you will need to change the date range that the statement is covering. For eg you have 2 invoices; 1/8/14 and 16/8/14. The statement has the date range entered as 1/8/14 - 31/8/14. To exclude the invoice with the date 1/8/14 you would change the date range for the statement to  2/8/14 -31/8/14. 

    To change the statement date you need to return it to your Unknowns tab by clicking MORE > Return to Unknowns, then file the statement again, MORE > File as statement.

  • Jodie Simpson

    How do I remove an invoice from a statement?

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